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Since 1985 Vermont Woman has been the one and only media source in the state dedicated to a woman's perspective, reaching approximately 40,000 readers with each issue.

Recognized by our peers, Vermont Woman has won "New England Newspaper of the Year" three times from 2007 through 2011, plus numerous awards for excellence in writing and photography.


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Collectively for nearly fifteen years, Vermont Woman Newspaper has connected Vermont women – our ideas, opinions and experience in a highly visible, beautifully designed, editorially provocative, award-winning publication.

We would not be here without you.

Distributed at no cost, from time to time Vermont Woman has asked for and received help from you, our readers. You responded and helped us to publish an award-winning paper because of your belief in the value of Vermont Woman.

I do not ask for your help lightly.

We must replace two nine-year-old production computers and software. We must upgrade our web site and reach out to women and girls wherever they are. And we must establish new web-based revenue sources to remain financially viable and editorially relevant in today's explosively expanding digital world.

We need your help now.

If you believe, as I do, that Vermont Woman is more important now than ever—that our voices must be heard—that Vermont Woman is unique (in the country) and must become even more widely available—then please help us today with a donation to support women's voices; no amount is too small.


There is nothing more powerful than women

supporting each other and standing together.


Thank you.

Sue Gillis, Publisher

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